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Is Your Child’s School Nurse Guilty of Medical Malpractice?

For many parents, the call they receive from their child’s school during the day can be a frightening experience.

While some instances are nothing to sweat over, others can prove quite the opposite.

For example, what if you get the message that your son or daughter has gotten sick or injured at school? In most cases, you or your spouse will drive over to the campus and pick them up. Although you may end up taking them to see your doctor, you might also just decide to take them home so they can get some bed rest.

Now, what happens if a school nurse misdiagnoses your child’s problem, be it sickness or an injury? In some cases, that initial misdiagnosis could leave your child in a precarious situation. In some instances, it may even threaten their overall well-being.

If you feel as if your child’s school is at fault for a medical misdiagnosis, can you push ahead with a lawsuit?

Have a Medical Malpractice Attorney Educate You

While each case is different, reaching out to a Dallas medical malpractice attorney may be your best move when you feel negligence is in play.

Remember, the overall health of your child could have been jeopardized by a school nurse making a bad call. Given she or he is trained for a number of potential situations, they should be able to handle most health matters thrown their way that do not require immediate emergency services.

In contacting a medical malpractice attorney in Dallas, be sure to provide them with the following details:

When your child falls ill or is hurt in school, you expect officials there to care for them until you arrive.

In a case where that does not properly happen, educate yourself on available legal options.