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Dallas Medication Errors:

In Dallas another type of medical malpractice is prominant. Medication error can occur in several different ways. A patient may be given a prescription inappropriate to his or her condition. The medication in question is not intended to treat the condition the patient has. For example, a patient has previously been found to have an allergy to the medicine is given the medicine that the patient is allergic to. The patient may have a serious medical condition (such as congestive heart failure or liver failure) that is a contra-indication for a particular drug.

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Sometimes, medication error occurs when a patient is taking another medication that should not be taken in combination with the medicine in question. Other examples include when a pharmacist inadvertently gives the patient a medication other than the one prescribed. Sometimes, a doctor may prescribe inappropriate dosages of combinations of medications or negligently switched medications between two patients. Another, common example of medication error is when physicians prescribed inappropriate narcotic medications including hydrocodone, Oxycodone, morphine, Oxycontin and Percocet. These drugs can lead to death especially when used in combination with other drugs.

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