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The Law Firm of Medical Malpractice specializes in civil litigation, in particular a medical malpractice attorney and has practiced in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1996. He is one of the top medical malpractice attorneys in Dallas and North Texas. He is also Board Certified in Family Practice and has 15 years of experience as an Emergency Room physician. He has served on various hospital committees including Quality Assurance Committee and has served as Vice-Chief of Staff.

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Since 2004, the Texas legislature has enacted laws that make filing medical malpractice lawsuits more difficult. In addition, there are now monetary caps for non-economic damages. Because of the complex nature of these types of cases, The Law Firm is one of the few top law firms that continues to actively pursue medical malpractice litigation. He personally reviews each and every case to determine whether a claim exists. The Firm will then actively litigate each and every case and he will personally take the case to jury to obtain the best possible recovery on behalf of injured Plaintiffs if needed.

Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice, Hospital Mistakes, Hospital Negligence, Surgical Injuries, Cancer Misdiagnosis, Birth Injuries, Medication Errors, Wrongful Death, Improper Medication, Emergency Room Negligence, Failure to Diagnose, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury

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Put a lawyer with experience to work for you if you have been injured by the fault of a physician, hospital employee(s), or other medical personnel or facility. Discuss your case with the best malpractice lawyer in Dallas, Texas, who is also a doctor. Submit your case now for a free evaluation by a top attorney.